Quick Suite Trading

Futures Trading Apps

Quick Suite Trading is a product of Computer Voice Systems. Our mission is to revolutionize technology systems in the derivatives market space while delivering best-of-breed customer service. Sounds like a tall order? We don’t think so. Our systems are built from the ground up taking advantage of the most current advances in computing, networking, and quantitative finance. While others are attempting to modernize legacy electronic trading systems, we are designing fresh for the future. Our tailored solutions enhance derivatives trading performance and trade processing. This is making traders more productive, more profitable, and—in many cases—both.

How do we do it? The answer is simple. We carefully listen to our customers, which include the world’s leading trading houses, hedge funds, and professional traders. We work to understand their needs and then use our expertise to deliver robust products that offer synergistic integration for one comprehensive front-to-back solution.

Quick Suite Trading includes front-end screen and API-based trading systems, electronic trade order routing, pre- and post-trade risk management and back office systems. Each of these solutions can operate on a standalone basis or they can be combined to provide enhanced functionality unavailable in heterogeneous configurations.

Quick Suite Trading key elements:

  • Internet-deployable front-ends
  • FIX-based API with market data for automated trading systems
  • Order management
  • Risk management
  • Order routing
  • Back office processing