What's new

What's new in Version 8.0

  • Various new and expanded features, such as Extensions API, Account Summary and Market Making
  • New columns, labels, and other improvements to existing frames
  • New Chart tools and indicators
  • Revamped News Frame (News Cards)
  • Numerous bug fixes throughout the application

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    What's new in Version 7.5

  • Changes to login method: password no longer saved locally, users can add extra security through Two Factor Authentication
  • Various new and expanded features, such as Trade Ticket, Trade Recap, Trade Summary and What If simulations
  • New columns, labels, and other improvements to existing frames, such as Quotes Monitor and Price Ladder
  • Cleaned up and reorganized certain Properties tabs to reduce clutter and make it easier to find a specific option
  • Various options for traders looking to place, replace or cancel orders as quickly as possible through shortcuts and quick pads, additional options to remove warning and confirmation messages
  • New options for sound mapping
  • New types of indicators and contingencies
  • Numerous bug fixes throughout the application

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    What's new in Version 7.0

  • More powerful: leveraging the advantage of latest cross-platform runtime support;
  • Easier on resources: ~20% reduced bandwidth due to optimized communication protocol between front and back-end;
  • Better connected to the outside world: new Exchanges support, on-demand reconnect after connection failed, more frames to live link / export (Order Activity Log, Price Ladder, Depth Of Market, Spread Matrix, Options All Months);
  • More control for your portfolio: new contingencies, wash trades and cross-trade warnings, special instructions supported, redesigned Shared Order Book, Orders and Positions Monitor offers more info "at a glance" due to extended functionality, support for select Exchange-traded options strategies, faster access to live Account Info from major frames, mark fills as reported;
  • More customizable: Order Entry notifications enable smoother workflow, alarms can be refined more, improved Indicator Builder, the best charts just got better (continuation by same month for spreads etc.), Window-Linked Workspaces offer better break-down of spreads;
  • Easier on the eyes: cosmetic, but also functionally-justified improvements (Time & Sales highlights, richer and partially redesigned charts, contract expiration warning);
  • More diverse: vastly extended palette of indicators, options chains seamlessly supported throughout the application;
  • More user-friendly: new Paper Trading (now with client-server architecture), Data Pages (fast, hassle-free market overview per product category), "Copy to clipboard" operation to unify export operations;
  • More agile: various fixes and improvements delivered thru updates in record time;
  • New Exchanges: BM&F, Bursa Malaysia, LIFFE Commodities, LIFFE Equities and Index Derivatives, LIFFE Fixed Income, LME, NYSE LIFFE, NZX, Tokyo Grain Exchange, Tokyo Commodities Exchange(TOCOM), Sydney Futures Exchange, Chicago Futures Exchange(@CBOE), Eurex.

  • What's new in Mobile

  • Block Trades module
  • Notifications for price alarms, Order Entry messages, Block Trades
  • Redesign for Alarms module
  • New Quick Video Demo & Welcome Screen
  • Available languages besides English: Romanian and Simplified Chinese
  • New chart property that allows chart settings to be applied to mini chart
  • 'Show HIGH on top' and 'Show BID on top' properties added to Quotes Monitor Tools vie

  • What's new in Lite

  • New and improved look and feel for a better user experience and performance
  • Block Trades module
  • Notifications for Alarms
  • Data Pages module
  • New Charts

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    Note: Not all new features are available in every version of QST or a private-labeled version thereof. The specific package a user is subscribed to determines the feature set for that user. Feature availability can be confirmed by checking My Subscriptions->View Features while logged into QST or by consulting the "View Comparison" link in the Packages section of the My Subscriptions website.